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Built on the premise that successful real estate investing doesn’t require excessive risk taking, City Urban Realty was formed with the goal of owning and operating properties in strong locations that over time and through sound operation withstand the market’s cycles. This conservative approach to investing combined with our forward-thinking and resourceful culture has resulted in a successful investment track record.


Markets are constantly shifting. Knowledge of the markets we are in and the ability to draw on the vast network of local relationships we have built over time serve as valuable tools we use in evaluating opportunities. This allows us to make quick decisions which, in turn, helps set us apart from others.


In a business that relies on relationships, we are most proud of our longstanding partnerships

with individuals, groups and institutions that share the same core philosophy as we do.


A well respected name in the industry, City Urban Realty is an organization that combines institutional infrastructure and an entrepreneurial culture to navigate the constantly evolving and highly sophisticated markets. City Urban Realty’s principals combined have 30 plus years of experience in acquiring, operating and managing real estate. In that time its principals have completed in excess of $1 Billion in transactions.